RAF 100 Group: The Birth of Electronic Warfare

Author(s): Janine Harrington 

ISBN: 9781781554586
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The birth of electronic warfare and the application of it as used as countermeasures against the German Defence Network.
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  • Declassified material illustrating the partnership between the RAF and USAAF, including private letters

  • Evocative and deeply moving accounts shared by people who were there at the time

RAF 100 Group: The Birth of Electronic Warfare tells the untold story of when Britain faced an invasion by Nazi Germany. After the fall of France, 1940 was dominated by the Battle of Britain and the threat of invasion was very real. The Royal Navy was at full strength in the belief that, as an island, the enemy would come from across the English Channel. The Army went to full conscription to boost its strength; however, the RAF bomber force was using obsolescent aircraft and equipment.

With the introduction of the mighty Avro Lancaster and Handley Page Halifax, 1,000 bombers were sent to Germany at night. Aircraft and aircrews suffered increasingly heavy losses against flak and night fighters such as the Bf 100 and Ju 88. Something new and very different was needed as Britain sought a new path to victory. Enter the secret world of RAF 100 Group.

Using de-classified material illustrating the partnership between the RAF and USAAF, this is an evocative and deeply moving account of the birth of electronic warfare against the German Defence Network.

BOOK ISBN 9781781554586
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 224 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 October 2016



Janine Harrington was born in Caterham, Surrey, and both parents served in the RAF during the war. Later, her mother shared letters written by her wartime fiancé Vic Vinnell. Together with Canadian pilot Jack Fisher, Vinnell served in RAF 100 Group, No. 192 Squadron, at Foulsham in Norfolk. Their disappearance in November 1944 remains a mystery to this day. Trying to find answers, Janine and her mother became founding members of the RAF 100 Group Association. Today, Janine is Secretary of the thriving Association and Editor of their quarterly magazine Confound & Destroy. She remains passionate about preserving the history of these forgotten heroes.