The Last Great Cavalry Charge: The Battle of the Silver Helmets (paperback edition)

ISBN: 9781781558782
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A compelling examination of the little-known Battle of the Silver Helmets, which served as the death knell to the cavalry’s traditional role in battlefield tactics

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  • A significant battle for its impact on centuries-old cavalry tradition

  • Explains why large-scale cavalry charges would not be attempted again on the Western Front

  • A battle largely unexplored in the English language because it took place before the British Expeditionary Force had landed in the Channel ports

  • One of very few books to focus on the traditional use of cavalry in the First World War

The engagement at Halen on 12 August 1914 was planned on the previous successes of the cavalry of Frederick the Great. It was expected that the German Fourth Cavalry Division, which was magnificently equipped and trained, would charge to glory with sabers rattling against a belittled Belgian opposition. Instead, twenty-four German officers, 468 men and 843 horses were lost during no less than eight separate charges conducted that day. The disaster was hushed up by the Germans and largely escaped the notice of the British, who were yet to join the fight. Still, it was a hugely significant moment in the war and modern warfare in general, marking the end of the traditional use of cavalry on the battlefield.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558782
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 176 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 37 black-and-white photographs and 25 maps


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Joe and Janet Robinson are retired colonels from the US Armed Forces and have authored several books. Their last work was The Great War Dawning. Both are graduates of the US Army War College. They are married to each other, retired, and they live in San Antonio, Texas.

Francis Hendriks is a military history enthusiast. After thirty-two years in the Belgian Army, he and his wife Sabine live in the picturesque town of Veurne in Flanders, Belgium. All of the authors have spent time together combing the battlefield at Halen.