Serving on the Big Ships: Life on the Liners

Author(s): William H. Miller 

ISBN: 9781781558973
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A unique window into a bygone age of ocean travel, drawing on the recollections of the men and women who served aboard the vessels.
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  • Stories and anecdotes from the wheelhouse, the galley, the engine room and everywhere in between

  • The product of fifty years of interviews with staff and crewmembers from captains to stewards

  • Written by ‘Mr Ocean Liner’, a renowned authority on everything relating to passenger ships

  • Lavishly illustrated with over 200 photographs, most of which are previously unpublished
The 1950s to early 1980s was the last period in which passengers sailed simply to get somewhere, before the liners turned to cruising and airlines became the only feasible means of travelling long distances.

It was a golden age of ocean travel, even though the signs of inevitable decline were in evidence all around. For those who worked on the ships, whether stewards or captains or anyone in between, looking back conjures a range of emotions and stories as diverse as the ports to which they sailed.

Recorded here are memories of sailing on the North Atlantic with Cunard & Holland-America, with the Italian Line in the Mediterranean, with Royal Mail Lines to South America, with Union-Castle to Africa, and with P&O-Orient to Australia and the Far East. These stories are the memories of the people who manned the ships, served on them, and through their service, grew to love them.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558973
FORMAT 275 x 215 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 128 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS Over 200 illustrations, mostly colour

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Known as ‘Mr Ocean Liner,’ William H. Miller has written over 80 books about passenger ships. He has covered the liners large and small, in war and peace, and as collectibles and in post card form. Miller has also penned over 1000 articles about ships and sea travel. He has been a popular guest lecturer aboard such liners as the QE2, Queen Mary 2, Rotterdam & Crystal Serenity for over 30 years. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across from the great liner piers of New York City, Miller has appeared in numerous TV documentaries, and news programs and himself has been the subject of a 60-min documentary called ‘Mr Ocean Liner’. Miller has been the recipient of numerous maritime awards.