Steam in the North: Railways in the 1960s across the North of England

Author(s): Richard Gaunt 

ISBN: 9781781552513
£11.89 £16.99
Dramatic images of steam locomotives at work in Northern England in the 1960s.
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This is a book of previously unpublished images of steam engines at work on the railways of Northern England in the 1960s. Complementing the author’s  previous books on steam power in the North East, Steam in the North: Railways in the 1960s across the North of England covers the Midland and West Coast main lines as well as Lancashire and Yorkshire, as British Railways’ working steam fleet approached its end.

Locations include: Carlisle, Darlington, Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire, and North Wales.

The images look at the environment for working steam in its final months – the empty fells and rainy platforms, the gritty routine, hardworking freight as well as express passenger services. They will bring back nostalgic memories for those who remember the railway network in the 1960s, but also appeal to those who enjoy dramatic scenes of the Pennines and the industrial parts of northern England.

BOOK ISBN 9781781552513
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 112 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 206 black-and-white photographs



Richard Gaunt was born in Lancashire but grew up in Darlington, attending QEGS Darlington, then Corpus Christi College Cambridge. His career has included posts in the chemicals, steel, construction, local government and consultancy industries – most recently as a director of a policy research consultancy. He started taking an interest in railways at an early age, and is an accomplished photographer with work appearing in The Guardian, Steam Railway and elsewhere.