Hermann Goering: From Madrid to Warsaw and Beyond, 1939 (Volume 5)

Author(s): Blaine Taylor 

ISBN: 9781625451149
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A photographic chronicle of the life of Hermann Goering, commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe, in the year in which the Second World War began.
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  • A vast array of personal and official photographs that show Goering the politician, the diplomat, the legendary aviator, the field marshal, the glutton, the entertainer and the family man at the summit of his power

  • Examines the individual characters within the uppermost strata of the Third Reich: their mutual jealousies, their strengths, their weaknesses, their interactions and how outsiders viewed them

  • Charts all the important events of 1939 which led to the outbreak of war, calling on a broad spectrum of sources including first-hand accounts and official reports

  • The final book of a well-known and respected authority on Hermann Goering 

1939 was a glorious year for Hermann Goering. He spent it entertaining dignitaries visiting the Third Reich, attending galas, going on official visits, giving rousing speeches at factories and military parades, hunting on his estates and indulging in his love of fine art, rich cuisine and sumptuous clothes and jewels. Ever vain, pompous and ambitious, in 1939 he attained the summit of his power and popularity when Hitler, speaking to a packed Reich Chancellery in September, named him his successor.

Goering’s meteoric rise was inseparable from that of his Luftwaffe. As commander-in-chief, he bathed in the glory of the Condor Legion’s victory in Spain in April and the Luftwaffe’s decisive role in the Blitzkrieg of Poland in September. Out of these encounters in 1939, the Luftwaffe emerged as the world’s most feared and respected air force. But beyond the trappings of victory were deep-rooted weaknesses: Goering feared their exposure during a longer conflict against a more powerful enemy, and was therefore desperate to avoid a confrontation with the western powers. At the same time, however, he was apparently powerless to divert from it.

BOOK ISBN 9781625451149
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 256 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 260 black-and-white photographs


Blaine Taylor is an American author of eleven histories on war, politics, automotives, biography, engineering, architecture, medicine, photography and aviation. This well-read historian is a former Vietnam War soldier and military policeman under enemy fire; political and crime newspaper reporter; award-winning medical journalist; international magazine writer; winner of four political campaigns as a press secretary; and was a US Congressional aide on Capitol Hill, Washington, from 1991 to 1992.