SAS in Italy 1943-1945: Raiders in Enemy Territory

Author(s): Malcolm Tudor 

ISBN: 9781781556979
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The story of Britain’s elite special force in Italy during the Second World War from invasion to liberation.
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  • The first book entirely devoted to the SAS and their actions in Italy

  • Action-packed, the stories of these brave men and their daring missions is researched and written by an expert on the secret war behind enemy lines 

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    This is the story of Britain’s elite special force in Italy during the Second World War. In the summer of 1943, the Special Air Service came out of Africa to carry the fight to the Germans and Fascists in Sicily and on the mainland.

    At the time, the originator of the SAS, Colonel David Stirling, was held in Italy’s high-security Prisoner of War Camp Five at Gavi in Piedmont. But his work continued. The idea of small groups of parachutists operating behind enemy lines to attack strategic targets and to obtain intelligence was realised in the daring missions carried out in Italy by the men of the 2nd SAS Regiment and the Special Raiding Squadron.

    In the first phase, they mounted island raids, took part in the invasion of the mainland, rescued escaped prisoners of war and supported the Anzio landings. In the second phase, they helped to breach the Gothic Line and to secure the victory, this time in concert with the Italian Resistance.

    The SAS carried out over twenty operations in wartime Italy and they are all covered in fascinating detail in this ground-breaking book.

    BOOK ISBN 9781781556979
    FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
    BINDING Hardback
    PAGES 208 pages
    PUBLICATION DATE 8 November 2018
    ILLUSTRATIONS 14 black-and-white photographs



    Anglo-Italian historian Malcolm Tudor is a graduate of the University of Wales. His British father was a soldier with the Eighth Army in Italy and his Italian mother and grandparents were awarded the Alexander Certificate in recognition of the help they gave to Allied escaped prisoners of war in their home and in the mountains. Tudor has written eight books on Second World War Italy and is a member of the Anglo-Italian Family History Society. He talks to the veterans, uses the latest record releases, and carries out international research.