How to Kill a Tiger Tank: Unpublished Scientific Reports from the Second World War

Author(s): Craig Moore 

ISBN: 9781781558584
Copies: 497
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The British needed to know how to knockout the Tiger tank and scientists conducted experiments to defeat its thick armour.
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  • One of the few books that explores what British and Commonwealth forces knew about the dreaded Tiger tank and how to destroy it using previously unpublished documentation

  • Detailed scientific reports on Tiger tank firing trials and a chapter on top secret Bletchley Park intercepts of Enigma codes

  • Old myths that British tank guns, infantry weapons and mines could knockout Tiger tanks are dispelled using scientific evidence

  • An excellent reference book for military modellers, historians and tank wargamers (War Thunder/World of Tanks) interested in the iconic Tiger with authentic camouflage suggestions
When the Panzer VI Ausf.E Tiger I tank first arrived on the battlefield, it launched an Allied and Soviet intelligence race to discover everything they could about this new threat.

The British Army needed to know how to knock it out, and then communicate their information to the troops that had to face this new German metal monster either by official means or via newspapers.

Using original official period documents from the Second World War, How to Kill a Tiger Tank: Unpublished Scientific Reports from the Second World War, this is not a typical book on the Tiger tank. It shows the reader what the British and Commonwealth forces knew about the Tiger I tank during the war and the results of scientific firing trials.

Unpublished and original documents, discovered in different archives, have been transcribed and reproduced along with existing photographs found in these secret reports. These include top secret Bletchley Park Enigma intercepts of German messages, which were decoded and translated before being sent to Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

One such intercept discovered in the archives shows the exact moment when Churchill became aware of the existence of a heavy tank called the Tiger.

On 25 November 1942, he marked the intercept in his normal red pen and asked Field Marshal Alan Brooke, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, indicating the word ‘Tiger’ in the message with ‘CIGGS, what are these?’

BOOK ISBN 9781781558584
FORMAT 276 x 216 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 146 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 02 December 2021
ILLUSTRATIONS 361 illustrations


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Craig Moore is a writer and editor for and runs, a guide to where one can discover surviving First and Second World War tanks. Moore has had an interest in military history since childhood and eight of his close relatives fought in both world wars: only six survived. One of his uncles lost a leg when his Sherman tank was hit during Operation Totalize in 1944. In 2010, Moore retired from London’s Metropolitan Police and lives in London, but regularly travels around the world visiting tank museums.