How to Kill a Panther Tank: Unpublished Scientific Reports from the Second World War

Author(s): Craig Moore 

ISBN: 9781781557969
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Using only official period documents from the Second World War, this analyses how to kill a Panzer V Panther tank.
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  • One of the few books that explores what British and Commonwealth forces knew about the dreaded Panther tank and how to destroy it using previously unpublished documentation

  • An excellent reference book for military modellers, historians and tank wargamers (War Thunder/World of Tanks) interested in the iconic Panther with authentic camouflage suggestions

  • Three chapters cover the design and development of the Panzer V Panther tank

  • The first book to list all surviving Panther tanks, provide photographs and give their current location
Using only original official period documents from the Second World War, How to Kill a Panther Tank: Unpublished Scientific Reports from the Second World War provides the reader with the same information on the Panzer V Panther, which was available to British and Commonwealth senior officers/tank crews during the war.

As soon as intelligence reports confirmed the existence of the Panther, the hunt was on to find reliable information on how to knockout the new German tank. It was widely believed that the only way to stop a Panther was to penetrate it with an armour-piercing (A.P.) round.

Luckily, the British 17-pdr anti-tank gun could do just that, but the British were also looking how to destroy them by using other weapons. They tested high-explosive artillery shells and 20-mm AAA cannon rounds to penetrate and damage the tank’s rear engine deck and puncture the vehicle’s radiators. Loss of water would cause the engine to overheat and seize.

Tank radiators were large, and spares were not carried on the tank. If the Panther could not be recovered back to a maintenance depot, the crew would abandon the tank and disable it with internal explosive charges.

BOOK ISBN 9781781557969
FORMAT 276 x 216 mm
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PAGES 144 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 10 December 2020
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Craig Moore is a writer and editor for and runs, a guide to where one can discover surviving First and Second World War tanks. Moore has had an interest in military history since childhood and eight of his close relatives fought in both world wars: only six survived. One of his uncles lost a leg when his Sherman tank was hit during Operation Totalize in 1944. In 2010, Moore retired from London’s Metropolitan Police and lives in London, but regularly travels around the world visiting tank museums.